Online Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

SEM, SEO and SMM are important components for the marketing of products and services. The search engines which are high-frequently asked are google, bing or yahoo. Users will search the product through many different channels. Therefore it is very important how your business will be found and taken. More »

The search engine marketing in detail

To attain top performance on Google the use of keyword advertising programs such as Google Adwords is essential.
With more than 92% Google has a hegemonic position in the german market. Our customers get the best benefits of keyword advertising in the particular requirements of the focused market.

Make use of the advantages of this fast pacing marketing environment. More »

Online-PR & Dialog-Marketing 2.0

Design your own blog or your own online community. There, your customers can share news about your company and your products. So you know about their trendy topics.
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Viral Marketing and Social Media Optimization

Use blogs and social communities to communicate events and results of your business. This is the best way to perform, when users positively report about your business. We set up the basis for it.

Manage and assist companies in online PR

Nowadays it is essential how a company is virtually represented. Therefore PR measures should be very well prepared and cared for. Even news that are intended to be good, can unfortunately change into bad news. Therefore we provide the instruments of an effective and dynamical reputation management. More »