Online-PR and Dialog-Marketing 2.0

Community marketing and branding campaign

Community marketing and branding campaigns can be performed in social media services such as youtube, wkw, facebook, twitter.
We work with you on a joint marketing plan and launch your branding campaign in various social media services. We focus particularly on success-based and containing future ventures.
A department specifically intended by us, has been dealing since years in the field of “social media” and “communities”. We connect you with your customers directly and advise / support you throughout the area.
Give your customers information about news, events and special content of your business. They thereby gain new customers, new areas and bond your products.
There are many other ways a for company to involve in a social media campaign.

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Twitter, the new way to success

The Agency will discuss with you a plan for your own “twitter profiles”. We create an own design and layout in the fast growing and strong Commuity the net.
The processing and management of Twitter profile, we assume in close consultation with your company. We will emphasize on your online PR and get the job done in the most precise manner.

YouTube, you can see and hear yourself.

A promotional film series in the online video sector is one of the strongest branding campaigns in the network. Here is your brand in the forefront.
Make Your Brand as figuratively and submit news of products from your company on the World Wide Web. Which is steadily growing in the area you should be also represented.

Facebook, stay in touch with your customers.

We develop, in consultation with you, a Facebook Account. Our team, the active and passive response from potential customers takes over. We will create for your business with a network that you can share the latest information, products, and information about your customers.

All the above social media campaigns are planned in close consultation with you. We are of course also depend on the support of you. For only in teamwork with your company, a campaign success can be so converted.

We as an agency, help and advice you, we are always there on your side, giving you suggestions and ideas on how to create such a campaign.
We create an individual offer and jointly plan a strategy with you.

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