Search Engine Marketing

Keyword Advertising in search engines (SEA)

Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing – Ads
This is called keyword advertising synonym targeted ads (advertising).
This advertising is displayed when a user enters a word or search phrase into the respective search engine. The search is made by it.
The most popular programs are Google Adwords and Yahoo. The type of advertising a text appears (Adwords), which are similar to the search phrase. Thus, the target group of potential users, will be reduced to the target.

Google Adwords

By the insertion of Google Adwords ads bring qualified traffic to your website. Adwords are words and / or word contexts that appear in the search engines, which are related to the search phrase.
That is:
The user enters a word into the search, thus the corresponding AdWords ad will appear in the right column of the search engine. In exceptional cases, an overlay over the normal search results is possible.
The Adwords ads are separated from the organic search results so that you can nevertheless be seen and catch the user eye.

The support of our

Through the expansion of Google Adsense for images and flash animations, and video ads, and banner ads are now possible.
New Google Adwords – the “mobile ads” – phone displays in general.
Google Adwords ads have become the largest carrier of marketing activities and advertising purposes on the internet.

We plan with you a concept, strategy, indicators and put it together.
Ideal to consume the services, is to use them in different advertising networks, performance-based and performance-oriented.

The Internet offers a variety of ways to make advertising also regional.
So that the Adwords ads are displayed only in the area where the company has its headquarters. Only be connected to local display. Through our analysis program, we can reach the customers, so that they get the products and information they are just looking for.

As we approach the implementation.

We plan and set up your Google Adwords campaign completely. We are looking for the right keywords and manage the campaign for implementation / optimization.
We place great emphasis on teamwork, success will be the logical consequence.

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